Q1: Which Product Is Your Best Seller?

A: Pain Be Gone Body Butter.

Q2: What Are The Active Ingredients In Thera Creations Products?

A: The Active Ingredients In Thera Creations Are All Plant Based Essential Oils And Herbs (Flowers And Bulbs)

Q3: Does Pain Be Gone Have CBD In It?

A: No None Of Our Products Have CBD In Them. We Prefer To Keep Our Products Clean For Everyone To Use. Safe For
Children, The Elderly, Athletes, And Those Going Through Chemo And Radiation. CBD Typically Has The Effects Of Pain Relief For About A Hour Or Two Or Sometimes Not At All. Pain Be Gone Works 5 Minutes Upon Application.

Q4: Why Should I Use Pain Be Gone Over Your Competitors?

A: Pain Be Gone Is An All Natural Product Made From Plant Based Essential Oils. It Helps With Not Only Your Pain But It Helps With The Stiffness And Inflammation That Comes With The Pain. Pain Be Gone Last For Up To 6 Hours Or Longer When Our Competitors May Only Last An Hour.

"Our Products Are Created Specifically To Help Restore And Revive Every Body, Naturally."

-Joselyn, founder of Thera Creations

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

The Kitty Kit Package

The Kitty Kit

What Is The Kitty Kit? The Kitty Kit Is A Package Put Together To Help Revive Your Kitty. It Helps To Make Your Kitty Tighter, Wetter, Smell Free, And Can Clear Up Any Bacterial Infections, In grown Hair, And Helps With Resolving Herpes Break Outs ( Clearing Them Up In The Matter Of Days And Soothing The Pain ). The Kitty Kit Is Here To Get You Ready To Play.